1. Transit Time – Transporting cargo via air transportation can significantly cut the door-to-door time frame. Common transportation times for air cargo is 1-2 days for priority air shipments and 5-6 days for economy air cargo service. (Remember to note this estimation doesn’t include the lead time related to original quoting, the time it requires to obvious export customs in the origin country, the import customs clearance time, or the time for inland delivery.)
  1. Documentation – To be able to clear U.S. customs, obligatory documentation includes the actual Airway Bill of Lading, House Airway Bill of Lading, Industrial Invoice and also the Packing List. Furthermore, some goods could require further paperwork. Examples include: Textile Documentation, TSCA Certificate, Aquatics Certificates or a Country of Origin Declaration.
  1. Rates – Air cargo is listed per kilogram or perspective weight, no matter which value is higher. Dimensional weight is assessed when the cargo takes up a somewhat larger space. Furthermore, most air transportation rates are valid for just several days due to the powerful nature of the market.
  1. Inland Transportation – Some cargo shipments may need an instantaneous Transportation Entry (IT) number to allow the cargo to visit in-bond to a final destination port, if diverse from the arrival port. The It should be filed at the first port of arrival, and the party moving or holding the products must be bonded.
  1. Commodity Restrictions – Certain commodities usually are not able to travel via air freight or are heavily limited. By way of example, many dangerous products should not be transported via air freight.
  1. Customs Entry Procedures – When the cargo leaves on a conveyance bound for the first airport in the U.S., the Licensed Customs Agent can publish the customs admission to pay off the shipment. This pre-customs clearance is often called “wheels up.”

7. Warehouse Charges – Every air import delivery will enter a warehouse prior to it being readily available for delivery. The warehouse or handling agent may also need payment of the handling fee prior to the cargo is available for pick-up by a trucker.